Side Effects Include

You may experience:
  • Working with me, you can expect to leave each session with some relief and/or some progress towards our intentions for working together.


  • You can expect to come to new conclusions and new applications outside of our time and work together.  Not all learning that occurs as the result of a session will happen in the session.


  • You can expect a “judgment-free zone”.  Your emotions and ways of being are honored here.

I may exerpeince:


  • Crying:  As I am very easily connected with people, I am likely to laugh with you and cry with you.  Please be aware, that if I cry, it is not “your fault”, and it is ok with me.  You are not “making me cry.”


  • Friends:  As a mental health counselor, I am bound by the ethics of my profession.  This means that as a counseling client, I cannot become “friends” with you outside of our work together.


  • Social Media:  This also means that I cannot be “friends” with counseling clients on facebook.  You are welcome to “like” my business page, A Positive Life Coach, and we communicate there.

It is my biggest honor to work with you.  I have the privilege of learning about your life through your eyes and your experiences.  I hold this honor with utmost respect and humility and consider it a privilege to work with you.  


Religious/Spiritual Disclosure:  To some people, it may be important that they work with a professional who is of the same religious denomination or spiritual beliefs.  Because I believe (and the field of counseling supports) that if an individual’s background of beliefs is a place of resource for them, then it is important to honor and work with those beliefs.  I remain open to all ways of being, faith, and practice, and I am honored to learn so much more about various spiritual practices and religions from the perspectives of my clients!


If what I believe is important for you to know, please contact me, and I am happy to share my own perspectives with you.


This is about you, not me.