Videos That Inspire
Shawn Achor
The Happiness Advantage: Linking Brains to Performance



Shawn will engage you and make you laugh as he shares the perspectives of positive psychology and how to have a “happiness advantage.”  I highly recommend practicing his suggestions at the end of the clip to have more happiness now.  I am available for support or direction if you choose to implement this new pattern in your life.

Sunni Briwn
Doodlers, Unite!



Sunni shares her insights to the benefits of doodling during times of high density information processing.  Doodle on!


Amy Cuddy
Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are




This life hack offered by Amy Cuddy depicts the relevance of our mind-body connection and how our emotional and mental states can be improved simply through posture.  

Sad Brad Smith
"Help Your Self"



I encountered this song in grad school when I was presenting a case based on solution focused therapy.  It became my theme song for my work.  "...we're willing to wait on you.  We believe in everything that you can do...."  It's beautiful, and it's what I believe.  Listen to it.

Amy Steinberg 



I am in gratitude to a former client for sharing this song with me.  Its lyrics bring us back to Earth and speak in a way that opens our heads and hearts to a new perspective.  Give a try.  With any new information, our minds are at first naturally resistant.  If you experience this, then listen to it again. Finally, if you give it a 3rd try, you will find even more learnings.  And hey, you might love it the first time.  I did.  

Brene Brown on Vulnerability


Expand your perception and learn the keys to living a meaningful life through connection and authenticity with Brene' Brown's popular and practical research into what it means to be vulnerable and live wholeheartedly.