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"She believed in me even when I didn't have the trust to believe in myself."

A positive life is what most of us are struggling for. Angelena Plummer has helped me discover the tools and techniques that help make that possible. Her lighthearted approach and intuitive gifts have been very effective in awakening positive change in my life. I am so grateful for her wisdom and guidance. She believed in me even when I didn't have the trust to believe in myself.

Scott - Rapid City, SD

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"It makes a big difference in how I think today."

I feel that my experience with A Positive Life, working with Angelena was much different than any experience I have ever had working with therapists. She helps you focus on what you can do in the now to make huge differences in how you cope and relate to life. Also she shows you how to develop options. All in all it makes a big difference in how I think today.

Anonymous - Rapid City, SD


"I Love To Sing Your Praises"


I love to sing your praises!


Angelena has a unique ability to meet me wherever I am, holding space for growth, allowing time for contemplation, offering encouragement for deep sensing, and completely trusting my own ability to access my own wisdom.  Her skill and compassion are blended in such a way that allows the silence to be richer, the words to be truer, the heart to be braver, and the feelings to be more authentic.  

Bravo, Angelena, for modeling how to get out of your own way!  It helps me to do the same.  


Melanie – Rapid City, SD

"I finally matter to me"

For the last 2.5 months I have been seeing a counselor and a life coach. There were several things that I went in to talk about and things I wanted help with. Funny how what I thought were issues and [what really were] ended up being two different things. Better yet, what people thought about me and what a professional counselor thought were two VERY different things. One of the first questions she asked was, "Do I matter to me?" I responded by saying that if you are asking if I want to end my life, the answer is no. While she was happy to hear that, I didn't really give an answer. The real answer was that I didn't really matter to me. Over the last 2.5 months I have learned to matter to me. I have learned to see my worth. I have learned to love and respect me. I have learned to believe in me and I have learned to fight fair with me. I debated about posting about it on FB because for the most part counseling is seen as a sign of weakness. It's not, and for those who would say it is weakness, you can kiss my ass. You thinking that it is weakness, is actually projecting  your issues and you should probably deal with your issues like I did. I am not an expert after 2.5 months. It is my hope that posting about this will encourage  those who just want to be better to go get some help. It is an awesome thing to feel good about yourself. Thank you Angelena Plummer for all you have done to help me be better.

"I learned that it is safe for me to trust, that it is safe to let go..."


You listened to me with your whole self. I felt that you would move mountains to help me and by being fully present – you did just that.


The assignments you had me do focused on my goals and dreams. The future, rather than the past or what was wrong. It helped me look beyond the situation I was in, and into a world of possibilities I had shut myself off from.


I learned that it is safe for me to trust, that it is safe to let go and that my experiences are not me. You didn’t judge me and that helped me have the confidence to be open in our sessions. So thank you!


Female Inmate Pennington County Jail
Rapid City, SD

"You provided us with the tools and guidance we needed..."


Well, I will tell you this, like I said before- You visiting our class kept me in school, it’s true.


When our teacher first told us about your visit, he introduced it as bringing in a life coach to help us with our transition, because he felt it was essential to helping us through such transitions in our lives. He was right.


I was elated at the thought because my biggest problem was not knowing how to deal with the transition. I had no idea what I was getting into, I had aspirations of being a massage therapist without actually knowing what it meant. I knew I would have to work desperately hard to reach my goal, that it would change the entire course of my life, but I didn’t know how or how to cope with it. My biggest thing was support. I had no support in my life, the first thing I was told by my family when I said “I’m going to school to become a massage therapist” was “Why? You’re not going to graduate”. Tim was the first person to ever tell me I could do it, and you reiterated it in a way that really made it sink in, both because of your nature, I immediately felt I could trust you, and because of your profession, that you knew what you were talking about.


At first, I had to work just as hard to get support from family as I did just trying to pass school. The only person in my family who said “you can do it, I have faith in you” was my grandmother and I didn’t have much contact with her at the time. Actually, ten years ago she is who told me I should go to school.


I was in a really awful place in life and massage school was my only and last hope. So going to school was absolutely terrifying. Think “first day of school” as a kindergartener. The paperwork was overwhelming, the idea of putting myself in thousands of dollars of debt for an end I couldn’t see was flabbergasting, the school was huge and looming and dealing with daily panic attacks didn’t make having to walk into a building full of people I didn’t know easy.


I gave up everything in my life and rode purely on faith that I was going to get through school and it would pay off in the end. We would spend one week or even just two days on an entire body system and have a test twice a week that counted toward final grades, you fail one you fail school, the pressure was amazing. It was the biggest leap of faith I had ever taken and I was terrified. I felt like I was drowning.


Many of the students felt the same way. Going through that course to us was that point in your life where you stop and say “it’s this, or nothing”. But the tricky part was, you can’t see where you’re going. You’re taking a path that leads god-knows-where, because even not knowing your path is better than the path you were just on. having you show up and say, don’t worry, you will reach your goals, you can do it, you can and will do it, just the fact that you are here proves that you can, will, and have… And you’re not alone.


To me, the biggest thing I took from it was the “you’re not alone”. Having you help us sort out what it is we were really going for was a blessing too. A lot of us knew the end would be worth it, but not necessarily actually knowing what it was we were looking to achieve except something “different” than what we had. The overwhelming part wasn’t the schoolwork or meeting new people, it was taking our lives in a completely different direction, like sailing a boat in the middle of nowhere without a compass and trying to find land. A whole world of possibilities and no compass. You provided us with the tools and guidance we needed to at least point ourselves in the paths that were correct for us.


For the students, it’s good and all to have family support, it’s good and all to have teacher support, but it’s different to have a kind, caring professional come in and tell us we’re doing what’s right for ourselves and we don’t have to question our decisions. To trust ourselves.


Stacey – Rapid C

"For the first time I felt accountable for my stresses and reactions to them..."




During the Summer of 2011 I thought I was going to die, not in the figurative sense but the actual literal meaning of Death.  The stinking thinking reasoning I had about dying was related to the fact that my life had simply become unmanageable.  After years of struggling with Mental Illness and Addiction I though that I was beyond rock bottom and that I had nothing more to offer the World much less my self.


Years of Traditional Cognitive Therapy had taught me to bitch about my problems one hour a week and for a moment that would grant my overactive mind, but then I would once again enter the Real World and all my problems would come floating back like a cloud circling a wind tunnel.  I had no tools because I could not even open my toolbox.


Enter Angelena Plummer and her work in the Life Coach field. I had heard different things about NLP techniques but at that point found it a bit incomprehensible, new agey, and hipsteresque.  Angelena calmed my fears right away in our initial session.  She asked me to make a list of all the areas that were important to me in my life.  For me the major areas are Physical and Mental Health, Spirituality, Education, Financial, and Sexual/Relationships. By putting a quantative number on each of these areas I was able to see where I was at in my recovery at that very moment, and what methods or tools I needed to use or attain to be successful. Over the next months Angie and I did a variety of activities in order to facilitate a strong therapuetic, trustworthy connection.  We not only had tradition sessions in her amazing office but we went for hikes and had tea and played games in the grass. In short, for the first time I felt accountable for my stresses and reactions to them.  The biggest lesson I learned from Angie is the use of Internal vs. External forces.  The only thing I have control over in this whole world is how I react to situations and how I deal-not how I think others should act or deal.


Flash Forward two years later (i.e. today)- I am Physically fit, have quit smoking thanks in part to Angelena’s excellent techniques, and spiritually sound. I am moving from the Rapid City area to the Denver, Colorado area to continue my education and for a better work income and such. The person I will miss the most is Angelena, but I took solace in knowing this small piece of writing I have contributed to the World will help at least one person find the help they need.


1/23/14 – Brandon

Rapid City, SD