The Gift of Receiving

November 17, 2015


The Gift of Receiving                                                                                                              

There are simple truths. Your arms must be open to hold a baby, your mind must be open to allow you to learn, and your heart must be open to be able to love.  Seldom do we contest our appeal of these simple truths.  Yet very often, we close ourselves to the possibilities of embracing, learning, and loving by how we respond to the world.  We become cut off from the very fabric of our connections, both within ourselves and with others, that can fulfill and bring joy to our lives. 
It is often uncomfortable for people to accept gifts or compliments. Enough literature exists to theorize the possible causes that make this true for many people.  Instead of focusing on the reasons that some people are unable to receive, however, let’s shift our focus to discover what we can give in return to the world by simply accepting to receive a gift or a compliment from another.

The world is in a natural state of flow, of patterns and cycles, and of giving and receiving.  As with any given life form on the planet, we are part of the natural world.  We are part of this natural state of flow.  Think about the existence of a grapevine.  Somewhere along the lines, a grape seed found its way into the soil and began to grow.  It received what it needed from the soil.  It absorbed nutrients and water, spreading its roots and growing until it broke through the soil and aimed itself at the sun.  Now, having been given life, the grapevine gives back plentiful fruit to birds, animals, and insects.  It gives back to the world around it, the world that helped it grow.  The grapevine is part of the natural world, of receiving and giving.  It is able to give its gifts, because it was able to receive.

A gift or a compliment is an acknowledgment.  It is an acknowledgment of being seen and heard.  When we are able to accept a gift or a compliment, we are acknowledging the efforts of another human being.  We are giving acknowledgment to their efforts and the very essence of their being.

A gift or a compliment is a reflection.  It is a reflection of how we are seen, understood, and experienced through the lenses of perception by another person.  In accepting a gift or a compliment, we are validating an experience of life and an expression of being.  (Of course this does not mean that their perceptions are "right” or “valid”, and this in itself is a whole other conversation).    

A gift or a compliment is an expression.  It is an expression of love come to life.  It is the cycle and flow of the world wrapped up in shiny paper and little boxes.  Acceptance of a gift or a compliment is giving love and honoring all of life.  Acceptance of a gift or a compliment is no unsacred act.  In the cycle of life, the gift of receiving IS the essence of all of life, which without it, life would cease to exist.   

As we go into the holiday season together, and throughout the new year, I invite you to take on a new perspective of receiving.  Keep your head, heart, & arms open to the possibilities and connections created through the gift of receiving.  Notice the difference as you become even more open to receiving and accepting abundance in your life.  Acknowledge that you, too, are an integral part of the natural world, and by being able to receive, you are creating more congruence in your own life and with the world around us.  Thank you for being a part of my life and receiving these words. 

Love & Gratitude,



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