Meaningful 5 Minutes

My Meaningful 5 Minutes:

I start each day with a notebook, pen, timer, and an open heart and mind. I begin recording all the thoughts floating around in my mind bullet-point style on paper. I include my intentions, everything I want, from big to small, from today to tomorrow, what I will maintain, and what I will gain.

I find that by doing this, my mind becomes clear, I am able to focus, and my to-do list is generally generated for the day. When I “don’t have time”, forget, or “don’t feel like it”, I am likely to feel less centered and more scattered throughout my day.

As I am able to look back at previous lists, I become aware of what I have accomplished, what I still want to create, and what I am excited about in my life. I find this a great way to keep meaning in my life and set my intentions for the day.

Your Meaningful 5 Minutes practice may be:

* 5 Minute meditation

* Morning exercise

Create your own Meaningful 5 Minutes! (Coming Soon!)

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