Yoga touches the mind, body, and emotional soul.

Yoga is known to offer many mental benefits including improved mood and focus, decreased anxiety, and clarity of thought.

Physical benefits include and are not limited to improved strength, flexibility, and posture.

Through yoga postures, much light and relief can be brought to the emotional body, bringing about the true(er) soul.

My top 3 benefits from a yoga practice:

This summer, I sponsored “Around the Fountain” which included 2 yoga classes and 1 qigong class that were held outside: under the sun, in the grass, and around the fountain. Not only did participants benefit from class practice, but we connected with nature as we soaked up vitamin D, became more grounded, and felt a natural cleansing from the flow of the fountain. I am very grateful for my class instructors who made this possible. Find us here!

  • Improved Posture: For years I have admired those who “sit up straight” and “stand tall”. Through yoga, I have found the adjustments to make in my body to achieve “good” posture. Through a consistent practice, I have also trained my brain to notice when I am slouching and need to make a conscious correction in the alignment of body. Awareness is the first key in making any change, and yoga has given me this.

  • Mental Focus: The only mistake I made in creating these classes was scheduling them half-way through the day. As a business-owner, I often find my mind frazzled and my energy pulled in an array of different directions. No fail, half-way through a yoga class, I will find my mind at ease and easily be able to discern where to put my energy and focus throughout the rest of the day. This improves all aspects of my state of being, increases my efficiency, and allows me to offer an enhanced quality of service. The mistake? It would be more effective to begin the day this way.

  • Natural connection: Yoga promotes connection. Yoga promotes connection to your breath. It is said that “If you can control your breath, then you can control your life.” Think about it. Breath is life. Yoga promotes inward connection, to the self. Yoga also promotes outward connection with your fellow yogis and the world around you. Yoga promotes emotional connection through exploration of opening and allowing. Yoga promotes connection with nature and animals, through its many poses honoring life (examples of common names: downward dog, locust pose, sun-salutation).

Other benefits I experienced:

  • Flexibility (in body & in life)

  • Something to look forward to

  • Openness

  • Exploration of emotions

  • Strength (physical & mental)

  • Creating a personal practice (routine)

  • Sharing & learning with others

  • Positivity

  • Metaphorical connections with animals and nature (and their meanings in my own life)

Of course I am a beginner in the world of yoga, and this is simply my own report. There is much to learn. I am grateful for my experience and the opportunity to share it. I invite any feedback or questions.

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