"In order to provide the best possible care for my clients, I must also make it a priority to take the best possible care of myself.  Here is what I do to maintain my own emotional growth and well-being."


You can practice these self-care activities too!  


Note:  Although you are likely to experience results from these practices right away, please remember that it is said to take 21-28 days to form a habit.  You will experience more consistent benefits if you have committed to these practices for at least that amount of time.  Thank you!

Daily Practices:

My Mantra...

"Today is the best day of my life."


I wake up every day and tell myself, “Today is the best day of my life”.  If at first it doesn’t stick, and I don’t yet feel like this is the best day of my life, then I repeat it several times until I feel a weight lift and my mind shift.  I can use it anytime throughout my day, too, if I need to come back to the present moment and refocus on love and gratitude.

My Meaningful 5 Minutes:


This is a technique that is useful to start your mornings with but can also be used anytime throughout your day. It can empower you to take a step away from the daily stresses of life and shift your focus in a more congruent direction towards your goals and intentions. It is an intentional time that is created for you to center your thoughts, bring focus to your intentions, and awareness to your present experience.

This simple yet useful technique offers many wellness benefits and can improve productivity andefficiency in any setting. It is suggested to incorporate this technique into your life as a daily practice.


1) Choose a space where you won’t be interrupted, and set a timer for 5 minutes.

2) Bring your attention and awareness to what you want: your goals, your desires, & your intentions.

3) Record as many thoughts as you can about what you want to maintain and achieve.

4) Engage in this practice daily.

***This ongoing list can include anything from “Buying a new bicycle” to “Moving to Australia” to “Being nice and enjoying life”. It is encouraged to include everything, however big or small and however far-fetched or mundane, as you record your MEANINGFULL FIVE MINUTES daily.

From Angelena:

I start each day with a notebook, pen, timer, and an open heart and mind.  I begin recording all the thoughts floating around in my mind bullet-point style on paper.  I include my intentions, everything I want, from big to small, from today to tomorrow, what I will maintain, and what I will gain.


I find that by doing this, my mind becomes clear, I am able to focus, and my to-do list is generally generated for the day.  When I “don’t have time”, forget, or “don’t feel like it”, I am likely to feel less centered and more scattered throughout my day.


As I am able to look back at previous lists, I become aware of what I have accomplished, what I still want to create, and what I am excited about in my life.  I find this a great way to keep meaning in my life and set my intentions for the day.

Ongoing perspective of Gratitude...


If I practice my mantra and do my five minutes, then it is easy to focus on all I am grateful for.  For me, it is a much preferred way of being when I focus on the love that I have and all that surrounds me, rather than focusing on the cobwebs that need cleaning or the paperwork that awaits my Monday.  When I find myself grumpy about cobwebs in the corner, I shift my mindset to become grateful that I even have a home to clean in the first place and a job that supports me.  There is considerable research yielding evidence of the benefits of taking an “attitude of gratitude.”  To begin to create your own shift and experience more gratitude daily, you can start with a gratitude journal, in which you simply record all that you are grateful for.  If you would like further facilitation, I can help train you to consciously use your mind to become aware of and shift your thoughts.

Doing What I Love!


I insist on doing what I love, and I give myself permission to:


Hike * Climb * Ride * Travel * Love
Create * Ponder * Wonder
Work * Write
Massage & Body Work


Because there are simply some places that the conscious mind can’t reach, it is important to me for my body-mind to be care for and nurtured.  These are the practitioners who I trust and work with personally, and who I happily refer friends and clients to.


Tara Ireland @ Touch of Grace Massage
Melody Francis @ Divine Touch
Melanie Palm @ Body Wisdom


Christina Olinger @ Energy Balancing / Holistic Health

"The best thing to do for everybody else, is actually the best thing to do for you."

                                                               ~ Hugh Pather