Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy means we do something fun and physically engaging instead of simply having a conversation in an office.  We begin by setting an intention or determining a desired solution. Then, we participate in an activity together, while we let our minds clear and open ourselves to creative solutions that come to us through the integration of our activity.  Recreational therapy naturally promotes connection of the body, mind, and spirit.


  • Clears Your Mind

  • Creates Natural Alignment with your internal state 

  • Exercises Mind and Body together for improved integration of therapy outcomes

  • Provides Connection with Natural Life Forces

  • Creates a Natural Resource Available to you for Life

  • Improves Mood

  • Increases Confidence 

2020 Group Recreational Therapy Sessions

Join me each summer in exploring our own back yards of the beautiful Black Hills. Experience 5 hikes, just minutes from town, in a collaboration of exercising our bodies and minds together as we take on fresh perspectives from new heights (literally) to work through everyday issues. 

Individual Recreational Therapy Sessions Also Available

"It's ok to make time for me. All you have to do is be present in the moment and pay attention."

"Rec Therapy under Angelena's guidance was a great experience; both from an outdoor perspective as well as her structured yet relaxed group therapy. The blessing of having therapy outdoors is that nature has it's own way of healing a person and that felt exemplified whether joining the group in an activity or pondering the "question of the day" while the breeze whispered to you or the sun kissed your face. What a breath of fresh air-the class, the instructor and the concept!"