"Love is not enough, but it is essential and a good place to start."

~ B.H.

"What is inspiration without Strategy?

A Rut."

~ Angie Plummer

"No one else had the day YOU just did."

~ Angie Plummer

"It is what you are doing today rather than what you are going to do that is creating your future."


~ Angie Plummer

"Someday is not a date on the calendar."

~ Unknown

"What if you got everything you wanted? -- Would you still want it?"

~ Angie Plummer

"If your going to make muffins... Make them moist."

~ M.O.

"I should be happy only produces the phenomenom of guilt."

~ Angie Plummer

~ Angie Plummer

'How can you expect happiness, love or ?, when you achieve A, B or C; when you can't even experience happiness, love or ? now?"