Painted Prayers

We are continually blown away by the breakthroughs (and breakdowns) that are experienced in these workshops. There is something powerful that is unleashed when a group of broken souls come together in communion to explore through creativity. No matter what pain each person is carrying with them, God finds a way to speak into it during our time together.

These workshops are not like anything you’ve experienced before. This is not paint-by-number instruction. We are not all working on creating the same image; in fact, we aren’t working on a specific image at all! Each of us explores abstract art techniques and look for the messages breaking through. It’s not about the final painting at all — it’s about the process! Layer after layer, we watch our emotions and our soul pour out onto the canvas and learn from every step of it. And when it’s all done, the final painting will contain all of those pieces, hidden within the final version.

Workshops are great for small groups or as an individual session.

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re creative. Let’s explore color and texture and see what unfolds. When we get out of our own way, and let God work through symbolism and creativity, He can work in our hearts in new and surprising ways.
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