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Dream Interpretation

Share in the experience of making meaning out of your dreams as you learn to apply interpretations to your everyday lives! Learn to interpret the metaphors available to all of us through our dreams as you make connections and draw conclusions, improve your self awareness, and become a guide in your own life. You will also learn how to take control in your dreams as you learn the ability to transform a potentially bad dream into a good dream.

Dream Interpretation Session: Life is a Metaphor. Our own signs and answers are all around us and within us, if we learn our own rhythms and flow with life. An Individual Dream Interpretation Session can take you beyond what you would find in a common online search for the "meaning" behind your dream and take a deeper look at what, specifically, the elements in your dream mean to you and how they apply in your life. Integrating Dream Interpretation creates an intimate understanding with the whole self, assists in a more comprehensive understanding the dream, and offers grounded guidance of how to apply the meanings and messages in your "real" waking life.

No previous experience required. Pre-approval and Individual Intake session required before sessions

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