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Updated: Sep 25, 2021

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an intentional relationship created to maximize the client’s potential, identify and align with their personal and professional goals, bring awareness to and remove perceived limitations, and create alignment in an individual’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors to achieve their intended outcomes.

Coaching can be used to hold people accountable to their goals, help people figure out what they want, challenge people to grow, and empower people by finding their own answers and solutions to problems.

Coaching uses a structured conversation to facilitate the coaching process and does not give advice or tell people what they should do. Coaching partners with and advocates for the success of the client.

Commonly Reported Outcomes of Coaching:

  • Increased life balance and overall life satisfaction

  • Improved performance in work and life

  • Increased awareness of options

  • Clarification of and obtainment of goals

  • Improved sense of direction and focus

  • Reduced experience of stress, anxiety, and anger

  • Personal empowerment

  • Personal growth and development

Solution Focused Coaching

Solution Focused Coaching helps people identify areas for improvement as well as areas where they are already successful. It is a model that helps people shift their focus from what they don’t want, to what they do want.

Solution focused beliefs include:

  • Every individual has personal strengths and resources

  • It is more useful to focus on personal resources than on weaknesses

  • Each individual has the capacity to change

  • Positive change is always possible

  • Small changes lead the way to bigger possibilities

  • There are exceptions to every problem

  • There are no universal solutions to problems

Coaching Clients

My coaching clients are brilliant people, usually with an obvious drive to seek their own answers, live a fulfilled life, and achieve their own greatness. I am a coach of great achievers. I am continuously thrilled by what people can do. I think people are downright amazing.

Coaching services are available in person, online, or by phone.


Interview Your Coach

Coaches exist in a collection of varying backgrounds, training, and specializations. Because you are making an investment in coaching, it is important that you find a coach that is a good “fit” for you.

Click here for a downloadable Interview Your Coach PDF.

Click here to read Angelena's answers to the Interview Your Coach tool.

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