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Clutter Clearing

Clutter Clearing

Clutter accumulates simply from daily life. Suddenly clutter attracts to any available holding space and can overwhelm our lives. Clearing clutter has a metaphorical and energetic “clearing” for our emotional wellbeing. Oftentimes people simply don’t know where to start.

Our team of coaches uses a gentle, solution-focused approach that creates intentional outcomes for clearing clutter. We help people “go through”, and get rid of “stuff” while offering the emotional support to be able to “let go.” We empower our clients in the framework of making their own decisions and deciding what to keep. We then remove what the client determines is no longer needed in their world, finalizing the process of clearing so that the client is free from the burden of dealing with the “stuff” again later to get rid of it.

People report feeling lighter and freer following these sessions.

Our team is also available to do complete client clean outs where an entire space needs to be cleared of everything in it. We can help go through the hard parts and do the heavy lifting in the event of death or a loved one no longer being able to stay in their home. We also help with removal in the case of evictions and abandoned property.

From Angelena: I started doing this for my grandma as she is a dumpster-diver and was on her last warning from authorities. I would help someone with a truck load of stuff and bring it to her to sort through in the safety of her home. It has had so many unexpected rewards. One client reported that she was able to leave her home and go hiking nearly every weekend following the clearing of her closet simply because she had stayed in feeling guilty for so long but didn’t know where to start.