"Coaching & Counseling... A background in both allows me to be able to handle my clients needs, whatever they are."


The Counselor                   Coach Spectrum

What a Coach does

A Coach partners with people to promote personal and professional growth and development, often setting goals and creating a plan of action.



What a Counselor does 

A Counselor provides professional guidance on personal, social, or psychological problems, often with the use of a clinical diagnosis to explain a client’s current state of mind, emotion, and function.

What I do  

I hold unconditional positive regard for people. I love people. I connect and engage with people to create an environment that is free from judgment and safe for expression. I remain open.  I maintain a positive expectancy for my clients and their abilities. I believe in people. I teach people how to stop focusing on what they don’t want and start focusing on what they do want.  I teach people to be the masters of their own minds. I help people eliminate unwanted thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I help people learn better communication with themselves and others. I support people in having more fun, doing more of what they love, and enjoying life. I help people connect with their own personal resources and celebrate their successes. I continuously maintain an evidence-based practice and teach people to self-evaluate.  I use processes and techniques that create positive experiences for people, yielding tangible results that can be used outside of my office in everyday life.  I give people everything they need to not need me anymore.  I work myself out of a job.


There is benefit in being both a life coach and a counselor in that it creates autonomy to move along a spectrum from problems to goals and anywhere in between. We can work anywhere from creating goals and action steps to overcoming emotional blocks and addressing mental states. When clients come to me for counseling, once they have experienced some relief, I can then help them identify what they want and how to get there. When clients come to me for coaching and encounter a psychological or behavior issue in the mix, I can then provide therapeutic intervention without having to make a referral for mental health.  Being both a life coach and mental health counselor proves to be more economical for peoples’ time and finances.

What I don’t do

I don’t analyze you to create an opinion or clinical judgment about what is wrong with you. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with you. I don’t allow you to stay in the story of your problem. I don’t believe focusing on problems is a good way to get rid of them. I don’t try to get you to work on something that you don’t want to work on, and I don’t do your work for you. I don’t give advice, and I don’t tell you what to do (I give you feedback and provide perspectives). I don’t read tarot cards, tune in to psychic energy, or make promises about your future. I don’t do anything without your permission.