Events & Workshops

Recreational Therapy Group Therapy

Recreational Therapy: Join me this summer in exploring our own back yards of the beautiful Black Hills. Experience 5 hikes, just minutes from town. We exercise our bodies and minds together as we take on fresh perspectives from new heights (literally) to work through everyday issues.


  • Unwind after the work week, soak up the sun and get some fresh air!

  • Speed up the process of working through a problem or goal while exercising your mind and body together

  • Nurture your spirit in nature to relieve stress and improve clarity of mind

  • Explore the Black Hills and discover trails close to home 

  • Meet like-hearted individuals and make new friends

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Full Moon Float

Rent a kayak or a paddle board and join me for Full Moon Kayaking at Jenny Gulch (or bring your own).

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Journey Through the Chakras

Seven series group therapy focusing on one chakra per week.


We will begin each session with yoga, led by certified yoga teacher Tara.


Group therapy will follow, focusing on areas related to each chakra.


Learn with like-minded, growth focused people.

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Basics of Life Coaching

There is a structure to our lives. There are compartments of thoughts, emotions, relationships, passions, desires, difficulties, and joys. There is a balance that can be brought among the varying parts of our lives to help us achieve movement and maintain flow. We can learn the ability to direct our lives.
Life coaching can help teach us these skills.


In this course you will learn:

  • A brief history of the emergence of life coaching

  • How to utilize basic life coaching tools in your life

  • The structure of a life coaching interview and how to use it

Expected outcomes include:

  • More effectiveness in setting and achieving your goals

  • Improved clarity, congruence, and focus 

  • An overall sense of empowerment

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Dream Interpretation Workshop

Dream Interpretation: Share in the experience of making meaning out of your dreams as you learn to apply interpretations to your everyday lives!


Learn to interpret the metaphors available to all of us through our dreams as you make connections and draw conclusions, improve your self awareness, and become a guide in your own life.


You will also learn how to take control in your dreams as you learn the ability to transform a potentially bad dream into a good dream.

(6 Sessions)

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Think Your Way to a Better Day
  • Discover the structure of your thoughts

  • Successfully identify & eliminate negative thoughts

  • Take control of you inner dialogue

  • Uncover limited beliefs

  • Lear to STOP over-thinking and STOP second guessing

  • Lesson self-judgment and self-criticism

  • Empower the potential of your mind & imagination

  • Create congruence in your thoughts, feelings, & actions

  • "Quiet the Committee" and uncover your real voice

Painted Prayers

Painted Prayers

We are continually blown away by the breakthroughs (and breakdowns) that are experienced in these workshops. There is something powerful that is unleashed when a group of broken souls come together in communion to explore through creativity. No matter what pain each person is carrying with them, God finds a way to speak into it during our time together.

These workshops are not like anything you’ve experienced before. This is not paint-by-number instruction. We are not all working on creating the same image; in fact, we aren’t working on a specific image at all! Each of us explores abstract art techniques and look for the messages breaking through. It’s not about the final painting at all — it’s about the process!


Layer after layer, we watch our emotions and our soul pour out onto the canvas and learn from every step of it. And when it’s all done, the final painting will contain all of those pieces, hidden within the final version.