Destination Therapy 

The further away we get from something, the clearer it can become, like we can focus in on it or take a broader perspective, see a bigger piece of the picture.  This can be true to life situations, too.  It is also true that it can be harder to heal and process while we are going through something or are stuck in something.  Destination Therapy takes you out of your daily grind, allowing you the space to learn and integrate through new experiences in new environments.  

Preferred locations are: 

  • Puerto Vallarta  (currently scheduled 2X/yr in Nov. & Feb.)

  • Black Hills 

  • Cascade Locks

“Heal Your Heart in the Hills”  - coupled with airbnb 

Companioning is also available for people who wish to travel and don’t want to go alone, want a local tour guide, or have had a loss of the person their trip was originally planned with.  *Coaches specializing in grief work are paired specifically in these situations if preferable to the client.


Packages are created based on individual client interests.  Please call 605-484-9294 to discuss pricing options.