“Human interaction is essential to our vitality.” 

Life can be hard, hectic, happy, sad, fretful, boring, numb and dumb, or joyful and exciting. Life can be anything.  No matter our state, we sometimes could benefit from the simple presence of another human.  


Maybe we need to simply be.  Maybe we need to be checked on and don’t want to bother our loved ones, or our loved ones want us checked on and we don’t want to be bothered by them.  Maybe we need someone to play cards with or put together a puzzle with.  Human interaction helps us feel alive and have perspective on ourselves.  Or (Human interaction gives us perspective on our lives and makes us feel real.) 

Our Companioning Services can offer the following:

  • Provide a Neutral Party

  • Someone to Have Fun With or Share an Experience with

  • Relieve Anxiety

  • Create Conscious Connection

  • Provide Emotional Support

  • Provide Support & Peace of Mind

People Who use Our Companioning Services May Be:

  • Going Through Loss, Grieving

  • New to the area

  • Going through a breakup or sustaining a separation

  • Experiencing Social Anxiety

  • Homebound

  • Making a life transition

  • Recovering 

Activities might include: going to a movie, finding a new church, checking out the library or book stores, going for a walk, watching you tube videos together, doing a puzzle or playing games, going to the grocery store

All Companion Partners are of Certifiable Good Character and given reference by Angelena.  

Text Support:

With Angelena: Coaching style “add-on” for consistent reinforcement schedule working towards goals, forming new habits, and breaking old ones. 

With a Companion:  For checking in, having human connection, replacing the “role” of an intimate partner ← People who are leaving or have lost a relationship, replacement of the daily interaction had with a previous partner or friend.  Serves a place-holder for getting through difficult loss and transition


$30/hr for 1 hour  $25/hr >1 hour   or $40/$35