"I thank the heaven and the skies, the earth and its roots, the heart beating inside me, and the body in these boots!"


To everyone in my world:

Thank you to my professors who stretched and inspired me.  Thank you to my family who trusted and believed in me.  Thank you to my friends who loved and carried me.  Thank you to the world and the books and the seas and the beautiful skies and trees and all of the love that made me, me.


Thank You for being in my world, however it may be, as you have stood beside me, guided me, challenged me, and simply observed ... as I grew into who I am today and continue to grow into who I will become.

Meet my Soul Sister

Jaclyn Kennison


The very website you are viewing is a result of Jaci's gentle urging and clear guidance.  Because she innately understood my need for this website to be a reflection of me, Jaci drew out dynamics in organization and content, accurately depicting who I am and how I work.  In essence, she saw my soul and translated it to my website.  I am forever grateful. Jaci is an author with a long and passionate background in marketing. Find Jaci at

Way Back When:

Dace Price


Dace is someone who, when you are with him, exudes an energy that you can’t help but want some of the same for yourself, too.  Meeting Dace, I admired his character and way of being.  I wanted to know how he was who he was, and learn how I could create some of his good energy in my own life.  Dace went for a walk with me and shared experiences of his work as a life coach and emotional freedom technique practitioner (EFT).  Dace was an initial inspiration, and I continue to admire who he is and the work he does.  Thanks for being in my life, Dace. 


Dace is an Inspirational Speaker, Trainer, EFT Practitioner & Wellness Coach. 


Find Dace @ 

Tammy Minnich


Tammy was the very first life coach I hired.  Although we may not have known it then, our work together taught me some of the most important ways of being with clients.  Her influence continues to shine through in my practice today.  Thank you for sharing who you are with me, Tammy. 





Tammy is a certified massage therapist, certified nutrition specialist, & certified personal trainer. 


Find Tammy @

On the Journey:

Patrick Powers


Patrick is a therapist who has provided much growth and breakthrough for me emotionally.  He introduced me to my first experience with NLP and remains a resource in my life.  Thank you for being you Patrick!

Patrick is Licensed Professional Counselor with Youth & Family Services. 


Contact Patrick @

Leah Braun


Leah Braun – Leah has been my fellow coach and friend and has stood beside me through thick and thin on my journey.  Her support is always free from judgment, constructive, and always with my best interests at heart.  I love you Leah!



Find Leah @

Bob Homes


Bob was the first person to grant me “permission” to pursue my interest in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Because of his encouragement, I have had life changing experiences as a recipient of NLP and have also pursued advanced training and certifications to provide NLP in my work.  Studying NLP continues to improve my life and keep my practice exciting.  Bob was also my supervisor during my internship at Behavior Management Systems.  Thank you for being a significant influence in my life and practice, Bob.


Bob is a Licensed Certified Social Worker and Qualified Mental Health Professional at Behavior Management Systems.


Find Bob @

Melanie Torno


Melanie has made all of this possible for me.  As my clinical supervisor through the process of attaining my counseling license, Melanie has supported me, provided insight, and helped me achieve my goal of becoming a licensed professional counselor, LPC in South Dakota.  Melanie has helped my personal and professional development.  I am forever grateful for you Melanie!



Melanie is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Qualified Mental Health Provider, certified school counselor, certified mediator, & certified divorce and custody mediator. 


Find Melanie @

Kally Moran


Kally is a go-getter.  She got me to find a spark to light my fire and help me complete multiple ongoing projects.  Because of Kally, I finished projects quicker, with more clarity, and more motivation.  This website is a result of her partnering with me and giving me action steps.  Thank you Kally for setting me free!



Kally is a certified professional coach. 


Find Kally @

Bryan Jonas


Bryan's advanced hypnotherapy work helped me develop a concept for my logo that I am (finally, after 5 years of revisions) happy with.  It is one that he programmed my mind to "know it when I saw it" and empowered me to create.  My satisfaction with my logo will be proof of Bryan's skills for years to come.  Thank you for your work together, Bryan!


Bryan is a certified master transpersonal hypnotherapist. 


Find Bryan @

Business Network International


BNI Rushmore Chapter


As my practice naturally grows by word of mouth referrals, my BNI group has been an invaluable resource and place of building deep and lasting relationships.  I am grateful for every individual who makes the group possible and for the opportunity to share my practice, events, and resources with people who care about each other.  Thank you to my rockin' BNI group!  You have all helped me grow!  


Check out our chapter @  

Lisa Johnson


Lisa's guidance was the partnering driving force behind the development of my logo.  She encouraged me to develop something that I love, instead of settling for a concept that was close but didn't quite fit.  I am forever grateful for your patience, Lisa!


Lisa is a professional photographer and marketing consultant. 


Find Lisa @