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Holly Trimble, LCSW .HEIC

About Holly

Holly Trimble, LCSW

Ms. Holly Trimble is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in South Dakota. She obtained her Master of Social Work degree from Florida State University in 2011, however has worked with clients in the field of social work since 2000.
Ms. Trimble has worked in many different settings with individuals and families that have been dealing with a variety of personal issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, family problems, trauma/abuse, addictions of all kinds, relationships/parenting, grief and more. Over the past 20 years working as a social worker she has recognized that the most important aspect of counseling is the connection and comfort a person feels with their counselor whom they share their personal struggles with. Often times it can be easier to talk to a person who is not in our immediate circle, who is objective about your situation and can offer a different perspective or additional support. She also believes it is important for everyone to feel accepted and understood. Ms. Trimble uses therapy techniques from a variety of theories and tailors therapy to fit her client’s specific needs however her first course of action focuses on empathy and focusing on the solution to your current situation. She utilizes Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Theory and Self-Compassion models. She believes it is important to be aware of a variety of tools, paths and resources available to help clients on their journey towards wellness. Ms. Trimble has a great love of animals and enjoys spending time with friends and family in her spare time and being in the outdoors.

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